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5 Deisgn Trend to Watch Out in 2021

TOP 5 Fashion Trends to Watch Out For This 2021

1. Light Oversized Shoulderpad Boyfriend Jackets

A must not miss trend this year__

An 1980’s retro fashion inspired oversized styled blazer. With the help of shoulder pads , this outfit snaps in your midsection and stretches your legs. Rock this look with some straight-leg pants or cowhide shorts for a super current style – colors that suit this pattern are powder blue, charcoal, and neutrals. It’s the perfect layering piece to take your girly outfit from sweet to next-level-chic, and your sneaker look from street-style to street-styled.

2 . The Pearls

ld Fashion Perhaps Not Anymore__

Moving from classic to the exotic and it has came back to claim the position that has always been meant for her.

With their timeless appeal, sophisticated shine and natural, unmatched beauty, statement necklaces featuring pearls
can effortlessly elevate any type of look, – from the dress you wear to the farmer’s market on cozy Sundays and the business suit that rocks
the boardroom to the fabulous evening gown you’re saving for special occasions.
No wonder it’s dubbed as the perfect luxury gem for millennials.

3 .Splendid Metal Crush

Getting bored with smooth, polished metal jewelry pieces ? __

The crushed metal jewelry trend is simple but made to look elegant with its crushed surface texture that is perfect for glamming up or dressing down your style.

4 . Bralettes

The Bralette is back __

Lift your hand on the off chance that you’ve at any point experienced difficulty finding a bra that was totally stylish, adorable or sexy.
The ideal bra assists with lifting up your babies as well as raises your certainty and soul, causing you to feel unfathomably sexy simultaneously.
Don’t be afraid to try them out and show off a little lace. These babies were meant to take the spotlight.

5 . Funky Chunky Chains

Ready to dazzle the world ? __

Chunky chains are a minimalistic piece that can be paired with almost any look, and make outfits you’ve previously worn seem much more fashionable.
Chain will never go out of styles if we looking back at our Ancient Egyptian History threaded links of gold and silver together.
Whether you tend to wear silver or gold jewelry, a chunky chain can call attention to what you’re wearing without being too boring or too overstated.

Do not limit your styles . . .

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